Five reasons meeting planners, college coordinators and students love Angela Ray
  1. Angela is an experienced speaker.  She has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students from coast to coast.  A visionary leader in the industry, she delivers customized, dynamic, messages that are powerful and high energy.
  2. Angela is a reliable and committed speaker.  Realizing schedules are made many times months in advance; Angela is committed to every date she accepts. She has spoken to students while she had a 100 degree fever, caught a cab 40 miles when her car broke down on the way to a program, and even drove 9 hours most of the night to get to a school after her flight was delayed!  
  3. Angela is a personable speaker and relates well to young people.  She is both approachable and easy to access.  She talks to students before and after her presentation when time is allotted to do so.
  4. Angela is masterful storyteller.  Audiences are both entertained and empowered by her message, making your program a memorable event for the students.  Students connect with her passion and her presence.  As a trained actress, she uses those skills to bring magic to every presentation.
  5. Angela is easy to work with, making the coordinator’s job easier.  She is flexible and accessible.  Angela always maintains direct lines of communication with coordinators, rather than allowing her assistant to make all of the contact.